Oh, SoLa!


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The secret is out...


Need looks that you can transform from day to night?
One of Austin’s best kept secrets is SoLa, a women’s fashion boutique, which exclusively offers SoLanistas unique and complimentary personal styling. This styling is unlike your typical boutique visit. Your SoLa personal styling focuses on expressing your confidence and femininity in a refreshing way.
Founder Coral Smith and Personal Stylist Sarah Duffy styled me in classic pieces I could add to my wardrobe, without breaking the bank! For fashionistas on a budget that want style and sensibility, SoLa will help you rock your own runway in your personal style life.
This boutique prides itself on styling women with strength, love and empowerment. Fashion should make women feel better and enhance their beauty—not tear us down and make us feel like style looks are unattainable. Coral and Sarah made me feel like I could take on my next event with whimsy and enchantment. Talk about a body positive group of fashionistas! (Woohoo, girl power alert!)
Coral and Sarah tailor customer solutions into a transformative and inspirational experience, where you feel like you’re shopping your own closet— but you find something new and versatile to add to your carefully selected investments.
Let us know in the comments which look you gotta have, babes!