Pipsticks Sticker Subscription Review


Remember your favorite Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper that turned into the most epic sticker book ever? I do!

Receive stickers every month and share the nostalgia of collecting your sticker faves. It's a surprise, and they look good in your book.

I received one of the Pro Club Classic Monthly Subscription boxes in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own red hot thoughts.

I’m a big sticker fanatic and ever since I was a young girl, I’d collect too many sheets to count. At Alt Summit this past year, I met Pipsticks and it was love at first sight. I even got hair glitter bombed! What was not to love?! Instantly, I was obsessed. I’m a mom as many of you know, and I enjoy sharing my sticker hobby with my son Gavin. If this photo here doesn't showcase my dedication to sticker love, I don't know what else will, haha.


Maureen “Mo” is the lady boss in charge here and left her career to share her sticker love with her 4 kids. Moms like us tend to say toys and stickers are “for the kids”, but Mo turned this sticker dream into a living, while having fun with all of the stickers.

What's inside a Pro Club Classic Monthly Subscription? Did I love it, like it, or eh?

I received one of the Pro Club Classic Monthly Subscription boxes in exchange for a review. This box packed a punch with over 15 sheets of stickers and the most vibrant, colorful reusable packaging. Inside the package, you can find Pippy, which is the sticker club zine. Flip through and you’ll find yourself taking quizzes, upcoming items for sale, past month winning ticket numbers, and pics of others with their pipsticks.You’ll want to save the VIP raffle entry, too, so hold onto that one each month! I have family and friends all over the country, so the pre-stamped postcard will be a sweet snail mail surprise. :) (Mine has a weather theme with lightning, clouds, and suns. The stamp is adorable with a shell, and it made me want to book a flight to my hometown — Miami!)

Obsessed? Check yes. One of my favorite sheets has panda bears doing all sorts of things like flying away with balloons, sunbathing, napping, and dancing.

Digging the bear theme? There’s another sheet that has won my heart. You’re going to lose your mind with even more cuteness: KOALA BEARS! Anyone that knows me understands how much I love pandas and koalas, so this swept me over to my sticker book collection. (Yes, I still have one!)

Reasons I give this subscription a 5/5:

  1. The stickers are high quality and come in large sizes and quantities.
  2. The variety of sticker styles pairs well with your sticker collection. (Who knew you were missing out on massive metallic smiley faces and little fruity drinks?)
  3. The price is hard to beat. Depending on your subscription, you can order either the $9.95/month or $14.95/month boxes. Try going to the store and finding large sheets of cute stickers cheaper. Why is this the best deal and value? You also don’t have to go anywhere. It arrives every month at your door or mailbox. :)
  4. It gives me the chance to share something I love with my son AND gets him to focus on taking care of even the smallest of stickers. You try getting a toddler to chill out. Stickers? They’re priceless, especially when you can’t put a price on happiness, people!
  5. I get to keep a few for myself and stay organized with my planner. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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