Leah Arts District Style

Colorful Fun at Home in the 305

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Outfit Inspiration

Home is where the heART is and I have never seen a city as colorful as Miami. Within Hialeah’s Leah Arts District, my friend and mural artist Diana “Didirok” Contreras spray painted this beauty into life on the warehouse walls. I wanted to pop out the cooler colors, since my red hair always ignites the warmer tones in a photo. There’s so much duality in this juxtapose. She looks one way, while I look another, and yet, we are staring boldly forward. Her hands may have movement upward on a diagonal, while mine are grounding me in a power pose. Both of us rocking it our own way, we embrace the bold colors and life Miami offers up. We are the life of the party here! Cool, calm, and chill, we own it. (YES!!!)

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