Hello, my name is Natalie, or you can call me Kitty!


Cheers to all of the amplified women’s voices at @altsummit ⭐️🤘💕😎🙏 Allow me to introduce myself to all of my new followers: My name is Natalie, but I go by Kitty. It’s from my childhood nickname of “Nat Nat” meshed with my Myspace vanity name, “Nat Nat Kitty Cat.”With bright red hair and a burst of color, even in my personality, I’m a vibrant multimedia producer. I’ve been a social media and marketing butterfly, with entrepreneurial spirit since I can remember. With photography at age 2, trading gushers at 5, crafting headbands at 8, selling buttons at 10, rocking eBay listings to pay for concerts and my Hot Topic trips at 14, creating my first VHS recorded music video at 15, street teaming for Fueled by Ramen at 16, writing for fellow students who couldn’t figure out term papers between high school and college 😂for $$, and fast forward to shooting runway shows and creating unique shopping experiences through Johnny Cupcakes pop-up shops; I guess you could say I keep crushing those goals and finding new ways to have fun and create along the way. (And that’s barely scraping the surface!)Innovate. Grow. Share. Love. I can’t wait to see what’s next! How can we connect and collab? Follow me on Instagram: @gingermeglam, and let's get crafty.