Happy Ban.do Day!


bando 001


Today is the first day you can use your ban.do agenda! Yay :)If you love bright colors, inspirational quotes and little dainty accessories to match every personality, then ban.do can change your life. One of my current favorites from ban.do takes babes like me to organized unicorn bliss status. (Did I mention the kittens, champagne and thrill of girly pretty stickers in their absolutely must-have agendas?)Side note: the glittery hair accessories are the cutest and most versatile with safety pin enclosures, too. Take the hair look and dress up an outfit with its pinning functionality. A 2-for-1 cannot be argued, ladies. This is a small victory with a lot of “wow” factor.After last year’s pandemonium, when all of the light blue “I AM VERY BUSY” agendas sold out almost immediately, this year, ban.do made our lives easier and printed more agendas. (YES!)These coveted agendas not only help you get your life together, but these little organizers indulge your inner child you thought got left behind in the 90s. Doodles or client meetings can fill it up, but it’s what you make of it.Creating fun ways to organize and get things done is what it is all about here. While taking time to relax is important, it is also crucial to be time effective when you need to get down to business. (No one likes a scatter brain with overbooking!)Not only will your agenda BFF keep you entertained with its fun stickers and witty quotes, it reminds you to love yourself and stay empowered. This agenda book of positive affirmations is perfect for any strong woman to battle the woes of working, while staying cheerful in a world of agenda suicide. Fear not! This is the antithesis to your typical bound calendar— it is your glossy, satin and sassy novelty to keep you living in the now, in a more fulfilling life offline.Keep it light and fun, fashionistas. With all of your work, fitness, brunching and whatever else you might like to enjoy, make sure to pick up one of these fab finds, before they’re sold out. (Seriously, that case of #FOMO is dangerous!)