Caboodles x Barbie Collection

Glam It Up with Retro Fun:

Caboodles x Barbie teamed up for new kits with a nostalgic nod in 2019!

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Hot Pink Makes my heart sing

Caboodles sent this complimentary kit in exchange for an Instagram post or stories series. All thoughts are 100% my own red hot thoughts.

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I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.

Caboodles and Barbie bring me back to my childhood. The 90s brought us bright colors, geometric shapes, intro to makeup products, and more. I used to love my first Caboodles kit, which I still have: a translucent light pink with silver glitter flecks. It’s still one of my prized items from childhood, and I couldn’t let go! It still helps me organize products on the go.

I loved Barbies growing up. I’d line them up like class or host concerts. It was fun having an audience! I’d cut and sew new looks or even give the Barbies new hairstyles. It depended what look we were going for that day. Did you do that, too? I know I wasn’t the only one mixing and matching the little plastic heels.

“NOWstalgia” is the magic of Caboodles and Barbie teaming up with the best of the 90s Caboodles phenomena and blending that cuteness with the iconic Barbie brand that has been around for a while. Put the two together and you have every Caboodles x Barbie fan delighted with a throwback remix they can enjoy today. I know that’s how I felt when I opened up the box!

Enjoy my retro style look, while I organize the day away in style. In the meantime, go check out the new collection at!

XoXo #CaboodlesBarbieBFF

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