Artificer Wood Works Gary Vee Wine Box Review


You say you hustle hard, but are you living the life you want? Don't regret that job and wake up grumbling every Monday morning.

Get inspiration and hear the hard truth from Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk), who is open, honest and caring about helping others with his free content. I'm working on making my life meet my interests, skills, talent and effort.Thanks to Gary with his calls to action, I cut out the things that were holding me back. Yes, I have to self-audit, too! (I'm far from perfect, but I also take ownership for what I do and don't, so we're all in this together.)I watched the videos after reading his email and scrolled to the bottom to find a giveaway gem! Artificer Wood Works offered this beautiful, handcrafted wine box for Gary's followers to claim this fabulous prize. I loved their story and the video visually showcased that each piece is unique and customized for almost any occasion.Order a customized wine or other gift box here:

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If you love wine, order from the Wine Library:**Sorry, Texas. We can't get wine though :( (Maybe we can get Gary to open a store here? hehe)**

However: You can get wine through the subscription service I order from until that day happens:

You'll earn $13 - a bottle of wine on the house when you sign up with that link, and I'll get a bottle of wine. It's a win-win :) (Watch my review here to catch up to speed: )Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe, give it a thumbs up and leave some love in the comments.------------------------------------------------------------Let's be friends on social media:Instagram: @gingermeglamTwitter: @gingermeglamSnapchat: @gingermeglamPinterest: @gingermeglamFacebook: Kitty