April Ellie Activewear Review


Sage yourself!

Here's my 2 cents!

Looking for a little green in your life? Add Ellie Activewear into your workout wardrobe and try this month's sage green set. Ellie Activewear sends me monthly boxes for free and in exchange for a review. I love that they encourage honest feedback, too, and it makes me comfortable to share these looks with you. They showcase all types of women, and I think that's beautiful. More of this, please! :)

The Top

I like the print and texture, but it's too short and fits square on me. I have a curvy shape, so it doesn't look the way I prefer over a sports bra and leggings. I prefer a true tank top, racer back, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, or long sleeve style. This thick strap tank top? I'm not a fan. It was moisture wicking, so I did enjoy that. Sorry, this one just wasn't on my radar.

The Sports Bra

This bra was supportive, sleek, and comfy. The band didn't ride up with movement, and it didn't end up with the dreaded sports bra band permanently feeling bent. (Yes, that's totally a thing.) Even though it has little strap details on the sides, these contour to your body without compromising your silhouette. It allows you to focus on your workout and feel free of worry that something may pop out and make a cameo. You're safe here.)

The Leggings

I felt unsure about wearing a lighter solid color on the bottom. I typically go for darker colors or prints. Those are my safe choices, since I've got extra junk in the trunk. :) Usually I would choose this sage/army green color for a utility jacket or bag, but it actually grew on me. It made my butt look great, so I was into it. It's hard to find pieces that make you feel good and look just as fabulous. If you've got sweet tattoos like mine, you're going to want to show them off. The lace up, criss cross action on the legs gives a bit of a sexy peekaboo up your leg. Or if you prefer to think of it another way, it's air conditioning when you're going 110% beast mode to your playlist. I don't workout in the great outdoors always, but if I were to stay out longer under the sunlight, it wouldn't be in this pair. I'd have a funny sunburn. Otherwise, these checkout.

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