A Follow-Up Review on Phlur


*This is a follow-up post to my Phlur campaign, where I received a free sample set in exchange for my 100% red hot thoughts review. Upon completion, I was given a redemption code to receive a free full sized fragrance.

Which fragrance(s) did I end up with after sampling different scents?

In my first Phlur Sample Set, I selected to try Hanami, Greylocke, and Hepcat. I opted for a second one, so I could get a better idea if I would be missing out or truly loved Hanami and Hepcat.The second Phlur Sample Set included: Siano, Sandara, and Moab.Moab - It was a bit spicier than I preferred. This scent wasn't my cup of tea, but there certainly is a scent for everyone, right?Sandara- The sandalwood speaks to me here. It lingered and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I knew this fresh scent definitely needed to make its way home to mama. :)Siano - Sultry, luxurious, and vibrant. I truly felt connected in an instant.

I ended up with these two fragrances:

  • Siano and Sandara. I wanted the best of both worlds, but that doesn't mean I won't go back for Hepcat and Hanami.

I also saw on Phlur's instagram that there is a new fragrance coming soon. I guess you've got me hooked, and I'm usually extra picky with my fragrances. Well played, Phlur! <3

Want your own set?

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