10 Facts


Day 10 of 11

Ten things not many people may know about me:

1. During a team competition at my university, I worked on an app integration idea with MasterCard. The university feature was created for its Latin America market. My team won first place.

2. I studied abroad in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi'an and Beijing.

3. I won 2nd place for a photojournalism contest at FIU, where the judges were previous Pulitzer prize winners! :)

This is my photo from Hong Kong:ChinaStudyAbroadTrip 42

4. I met Bill Pullman, while filming event coverage for "The Fruit Hunters" premiere in Miami, Fl.

Yes, we're talking Mr. President.

5. RIP to my former piercings: nose, monroe, spider bites, cartilage and belly.

Totally wasn't a phase, mom.

6. My intuition is right, when I first meet someone.

7. I love piñatas.

8. I met my husband 5 years before I formally met him again. We vaguely remember each other, because it was a quick intro from a mutual friend. Who would've known all the signs kept pointing back at each other?!

9. I may seem quiet, but I'm observant. I'm an introvert who learned how to be an extravert.

I've got a lot to say. I've only begun!

10. On my birthday, it was also my doctor's birthday. He rushed from celebrating at the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach, and he delivered me in a tuxedo. I was fancy from the start :)

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#redhotthoughts: There's more than what meets the eye!

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