What's in a Name?


Day 4 of 31

Ginger Me Glam:

It's all "red hot thoughts" to me.

My hair writes my story, before I even know it's happening.

My red hair has always created a stand out response, followed by a new moniker like: "Little Red", "Carrot Top", "Lohan circa Mean Girls-era", "Julianne Moore's twin", etc. It's the craziest phenomena and it's never-ending.When I was a little girl, and even to this day, people feel compelled to come over and touch my hair. (Don't even think about it, buddy!)

Yes, Gaga. I WAS born this way.

Although I didn't fit in,

I've found peace in my creativity.

It has singled me out from fitting in with the other girls back on the playground. Now, ladies spend countless hours and dollars in the salon, seeking the perfect bottle red. Little boys used to tease me, and then when we were older, they were trying to catch a date. (Not sorry to be my own little mermaid! :) ) Only those who believe in magic will live it.Facing rejection and hardship helped me redefine who I am and what I wanted out of life.Even when I didn't want to stand out, I've learned to understand why I am blessed. When I realized my hair brought up important life lessons from the beginning, it was time to face these reoccurring themes with strength and love.I thought, "Maybe if I can talk about my experiences, interests and creative endeavors, I can help inspire, empower and heal others, too."

Ginger Me Glam is for women, who want to walk on the wild side unapologetically.

I recently reimagined my brand to get back to the basics and remember why I started in the first place. It isn't just about pretty pictures, perfect hair and makeup, or shopping hauls.

With the gifts of multimedia and communication, I'm here to create change.

My blog shows the way I style and enjoy fashion, explore the journey of motherhood and tackle the most difficult topics for women like body talk and self-esteem. We should all feel good about ourselves and create great things.I want to help women feel good about themselves and apply the tips and tricks from my fashion, beauty and lifestyle pages.Ginger Me Glam is here to sprinkle the glittery bits of ginger goodness across your mindset and turn it into a happy, energized and self-aware kind of glamazon VIP.

#redhotthoughts: You'll connect the dots and realize this is who you are— you're meant to be right here, right now. Welcome to the Ginger Me Glam VIP list.

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XoXo Kitty