Too Hot for Pants



It's too hot for pants!

I'm rocking dresses in this crazy heat. There's no way I am going to let the sun take away the joy of playing outside!For those of you familiar with photo shoots and runway fashion, we tend to carry makeup and hair products, along with multiple outfits, at all times. Especially as a fashionable mom, you need to be prepared for just about anything!How do you prepare for the perfect outfit? I always have a change of clothes during these hot months. What if you're downtown and have no time to head home? You can either dress with a day outfit that can translate into night, or bring your wardrobe with you.Stay hydrated, fashionable and free-flowing, with that twirly dress in the wind!When you're planning to roam around town with friends and family, it's easy to just slip on a dress with your favorite sneakers or strappy sandals. I'd rather be comfortable and happy than miserable and swimming in heavy clothing.#redhotthoughts: Ditch the hot pants for some natural and light summer dress heaven.P.S. I brought two dresses with me, while Breezy shot me having fun! Thank you for the visual joy. :)