Thankful Friday

Day 2 of 31

Be thankful.

Before the topic posted for the 31-day blogger challenge, my husband sent me a photo he found online about gratitude.gratefullistThis photo resonated with us, especially because we are new parents. Even though we have it down pat, we are still human. (I'm sure I'm not the only one who despises folding! :) ) However, the concept of the photo can apply to just about anyone.It's easy to get caught up in the present, but we must keep a positive perspective on the things we often take for granted. May we never forget just how important our loved ones and little things are to us. Family is everything!Here is my GIF interpretation of the list:

1. Waking up early = We have a sweet baby to love and cherish,

but if baby sleeps in, it's time to get in an early morning workout!

2. Always something to clean around the house = A roof over our heads meets basic needs some aren't able to afford.

It's a blessing to wake up in a safe place to live.

3. Endless laundry = A wardrobe of clothes to wear

is important, especially when your growing baby has a lot of outfits to wear in a short amount of time! Hurry up and snap as many cute photos as possible for all the grandparents, aunts and uncles.(Good luck getting your baby to sit for more than 2 outfits...)

4. Dishes in the sink = A full fridge keeps everyone happy, healthy and sane.

No one makes hangry a good look! We need to appreciate the abundance of food, before we begin to complain.

5. Food crumbs on the floor = Family meals in the dining room means getting the time to enjoy life's simple pleasure.

It's hard to assemble everyone for one meal, but it's a great time to unplug and unwind.

6. Trekking with the whole family to the grocery store = The ability to provide for us.

Having a job to sustain life's necessities of food and water to bring to your form of shelter is crucial. Be grateful you can go and get groceries.

7. Dirty bathrooms = Proper sanitation and indoor plumbing is a luxury.

8. Noise 24/7 = Loved ones surround me in my life.

I am a light sleeper, so growing up in an Italian household, you can understand why I enjoy my own quiet time at our place. However, I do miss the noise and love when my family visits. They drive me crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

9. Endless multiple texts = technology to keep me close to friends and family back home.

10. Exhausted in bed and wishing I was off the next day = It could be worse! Thankfully, I am still alive and well.

Sometimes I feel tired, even with more than 7 hours of sleep. The worst part is waking up too early and the baby sleeps in, but I can't go back to sleep. Changing that to a form of gratitude: I woke up to get in that morning workout, create that dream smoothie and somehow eat breakfast, before the baby wakes up. Miracles do happen, you know!

What makes you thankful? Leave a comment.

XoXo Kitty