Rebel on, TomboyX


Unapologetically you, while rocking your identity your way.

What is TomboyX? Let's first look at the definition provided by the brand:

1. An energetic, sometimes boisterous girl. 2. A girl who dresses and sometimes behaves the way boys are expected to. 3. A girl or a woman who DGAF about definitions 1 and 2. 4. A woman who is utterly, completely, and unapologetically herself, who is not afraid to stand up, stand out, be heard, be seen. On her terms. 5. A woman or a person who expresses and dresses herself in a way that feels authentic to her without worrying about what other people might say. 6. Is damn ok with who they are. 7. Not a phase. 8. You? 9. Me. [Read more here: The TomboyX About Us page.]

TomboyX created comfortable clothing for everyone on the gender spectrum and sizes XS-4X.

The brand promotes self-identity, happiness, strength, courage, and love with its message. The agenda is simple: be yourself without explanation, and celebrate your body in comfortable clothing underneath and on the outside.

Growing a "tomboy", I'd play with my nephews and cousins outside, I wore shorts and rocked short hair. I wasn't into dresses at the time, and I didn't feel sold on the damsel in distress expectation. (Ok, my favorite dress was a denim overall-type dress with multicolored fabric AND it had pockets. This forever stuck with me. It better have pockets!) I didn't want to be saved.I was drawn to the superheroes. I wanted to be my own lead in this story; I preferred to be my own hero and princess all in one. To be girly when I wanted to and break into jeans when I felt like it; because why not? I can be my own ginger queen/wife/mama and wear whatever I want. I'm free to be me. :)This brand not only cares about its end consumers, but it also has living wage factories. These eco-friendly, made to fit bodies- styles are worn by everyone, too. Their blog also has many inspirational stories to give perspective and insight on what's going on here and around the world.

It’s an agenda that’s signed with an X,That marks the spot, seals it with a kiss,And crosses out the negativity and in fightingthat we’ve all had to deal with for far, far too long.It’s an agenda that wants nothing more and nothing lessThan for our common language to be respectAnd our national anthem to be HELL YES.This isn’t an activist agenda—This is a human agenda.

What I'm wearing: 2 different sets - Boy Shorts, Iconic Briefs, and Essentials Soft Bras.

Click and shop the style names below:

Iconic Briefs in Red+ Essentials Soft Bras in Black

Click and shop the style names below:

Boy Shorts in Coral & Pink Stripes + Essentials Soft Bra in Coral & Pink Stripes

I hope you loved the way I styled the TomboyX underwear and bras with my everyday looks. Thanks again to TomboyX for the courtesy of sending these sets to me. They're soft, and I can't wait for more of my friends to enjoy these comfy staples in their own wardrobe.

XoXo Kitty