Pet Peeves


Day 6 of 31petpeeve

We all have our quirks.

Here's a list of my top 6 pet peeves:

1. Clicking and clacking unnecessarily.

We get it. Your pen works. STAAAAAAHP already :)

2. Guests not removing shoes, when entering my home.

This is what you're saying, when you leave your shoes on in my house. I thought we were cool...

3. People who price out your services, with no intention to work with you.

Just don't.

4. When you hear your neighbors talking, while you're trying to sleep.

5. When workers remind you that it is extra for whatever you're requesting.

Clearly, I wouldn't have asked for guac, if I was offended by the price. In fact, double scoop me with a heavy hit of that green avo-goodness.

6. When someone leaves the toilet seat up...

You know this could totally *legit* happen!

What're your pet peeves?

XoXo Kitty