Moon Cat: Modern Alchemy

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Moon Cat: Modern Alchemy

Austin’s “Keep it Weird” theme is one of the big draws to The Austin BatBox. One of the Austin resident artisans, Moon Cat from Modern Alchemy, specializes in crafting magical jewelry and curates new pieces from her collections in the BatBox.

For the June “Weird Box”, Moon Cat featured 4 of her metaphysically capable stone necklaces, so each BatBox subscriber could unbox powerful and helpful good energy. (And if you’re a skeptic, that’s ok, too: you’ll have some gorgeous jewelry for yourself or a gift for a loved one who will appreciate it!)
I received the tiger’s eye and sodalite necklaces, and I wear them everywhere I go now. I enjoy a little pep in my step and a splash of sophisticated color. Which necklace did you receive in your BatBox? Let me know which one you’re rocking and if you’ve subscribed.Thanks to The Austin BatBox for a year's subscription! If you truly want to get your money's worth, sign up for a year and enjoy unique items from local businesses, artists and creatives like Moon Cat.
  • Note: If you haven’t already subscribed, get your first month free, when you use my code: KITTYBAT. Pay the shipping and handling, and await the treasures of a batty lifestyle.
    • Limited to the first 5 Bat Babes/ Dudes who sign up with this code :)

Who is Moon Cat and what is Modern Alchemy?

Now, the jewelry doesn’t necessarily make Moon Cat magic— she is magic! Not only does Moon make charged jewelry fall into the right hands of those who need it, but with all of her materials sourced cruelty-free, you won’t have to worry about how she acquired the stones or bones used in each unique piece.
Allowing the creative process to overtake her, Moon focuses a lot on nature and waits for just the right ingredients to blend into the perfect form of wearable artwork. Creating these jewels is her livelihood and through this passion, it allows the Universe to provide her with the ability to invoke special properties to bejewel the best version of you.
Moon Cat finds there’s a sincerity and gratefulness to those who purchase "a piece of her soul strung on wire or linked into a chain”. If you want an iconic look with positivity attached down the flow of materials to the creator, Modern Alchemy is a match made for you. For the truly original fashionistas, you glam babes can even order custom jewelry.Put in your request and support the proudly made in Austin, Texas magical jewelry that’ll tantalize the senses.

Where can I purchase her collections?

The LAWLESS collection is almost sold out completely, which took the crystal seekers by storm. These goodies are beautiful keepsakes, and there are a few items still available with BOGO deals. With the recent release of Moon’s APOLLO & ARTEMIS collection, be sure to collect and transcend with this jewelry line, before it sells out.
After a sneak preview of the Winter 2015 collection, prepare to be stunned. I wanted to juxtapose and capture the brilliance and chic aura to Moon Cat’s Moderny Alchemy. Since Moon designed a brilliant rebranding that transformed Modern Alchemy, we shot the Winter 2015 collection at the Hope Outdoor Gallery with models Sonia Lavier and Audrey Gil. Shout out to Jessica M, for the hair and makeup!


Fornuately enough to don a priceless and colorful multi-layered necklace, you’ll find one of Moon Cat’s near and dear pieces around my neck in a few of the shots from our photo shoot.
Make Modern Alchemy your jeweled pleasure, and leave Moon Cat some love in the comments section below this post.