Add this one into your Johnny Cupcakes Collection: Kitty's Cupcake Rodeo


Collect the First Female Cake Dealer Exclusive and Second Cake Dealer Exclusive. It's now available at a Central Texas Pop-Up near you!

After slinging tees and accessories in a little less than half a year, I earned enough sprinkles to design a custom tee for my area with the Johnny Cupcakes design team. We brainstormed and arrived at the idea of me whipping a cupcake with a rope, while I'm riding a bull. In true fashion, I'm always coming at things full force. You've gotta grab life by the horns, and this shirt truly embodies my spirit.How cool is that?! I've got my own character on a Johnny Cupcakes tee? Wow! If you had told me this years ago, I would've NEVER believed you. I've been a fan since I could go to Warped Tour, which is more than half of my life. I feel super accomplished to have worked this hard and left my mark with a brand and mentor I've looked up to for a long time. It's humbling. Because of the positive impact Texas and this brand has been for me, I'm proud to rock this shirt and sell it to all of the new and O.G. fans alike. Thanks for inviting me and for the opportunity to be part of your entrepreneurship program, Johnny! :)

Want to be part of Johnny Cupcakes history?

Come to one of my Central Texas pop-ups or host your own for the chance to purchase one of these Cake Dealer Exclusive Kitty's Cupcake Rodeo tees. Once they're gone, these cows are never coming home. Lasso yourself one of these sweet tees, and show off your Texas love! (NOTE: My exclusive is only available at my pop-up. If you can't make an event, but you still want to support your favorite ginger Cake Dealer here :) , you can still shop the other tees and accessories online by clicking HERE. )

Want to host your own pop-up?

You may email me at, and please provide your location (home, office, organization, school, etc) where you'll be hosting the pop-up. I can't wait to start planning with you!XoXo Kitty the Cake Dealer(P.S. You should bookmark my Johnny Cupcakes Cake Dealer Affiliate link, and follow me on Instagram to keep updated with my events, as well as upcoming sales. This is the link you're looking for: .)