Goals for October


Welcome to the 31-day October Blog Challenge!

Yeaaaaaaah! Set your goals!

Okay, so Set Your Goals is one of my favorite bands, but this post has nothing to do with them. (Sorry to disappoint you.)

Goals for October

After joining a 31-day blogger challenge, I'm taking on the first post of the month:

Goals for October!

I wanted to be realistic, so I thought 10 goals would be a great start. They aren't anything earth-shattering, but what the hell?! I do whatever I want anyway. :)Listening to bands like Set Your Goals, New Found Glory, A Day to Remember and Krewella get me energized and supercharged to take on whatever the day may bring. Whether I'm working out, writing or relaxing, music always helps me see it through. Music reminds me to keep creating and never give up. And when I just want to zone out and just exist, it inspires me to think bigger.When I get these big ideas, I write them down and decide which ones are worth pursuing. Prioritizing can be tough, but it's great to know what you want, who you are and where you are right now. I prefer to write things down, unplug from social media and focus on the now. Otherwise, it is easy to lose focus in the chaos of everything shiny. (Ooooooooh!)

Create a better, future you.

How? Plan. Create. Implement. What're you waiting for?! GO!

Make it work for you!

To achieve dreams of the future, we must first create steps in the present moment. It's also important to acknowledge people, things and mindsets that no longer feed your soul. Reset and refresh. Okay, so we aren't computers, but when we need to de-clutter from all the extra baggage, hit life's 'empty trash' button.

Dig deep and ask yourself these important questions:

  • What do you want?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Where do you want to go?

Then, allow yourself time to draft up pros and cons:

  • How can I set up standards to meet these goals?
  • What were the great qualities of my past successes?
  • What are my opportunities to improve?
  • What is the next step?

And sometimes, despite all of our planning, schmoozing and creating, the universe has other plans. The important thing to remember is to go full gusto. It's time to crush your goals— no matter how big or small.

Setting a goal isn't always easy, but you're on the right track. The first step is planning. Make sure you follow through with some thunder and lightning. There's no time for smoke and mirrors!If people are scared of your goals, pay them no mind. You're doing something right. (WOOHOO! Girl power!) Stick to what makes you feel good. It'll be the fuel to keep that fire going.

Goals don't have to stress you out! :)

No one is perfect here, but challenge yourself to do more than just the bare minimum. In a world where we are constantly required to give more than the bare minimum, just how much more can we bloody take?! Seriously, relax and take a second.

Remember: when you set goals, the key is to go at your own pace. Short-term goals are the best way to achieve long-term goals.


Ok, so now that I'm off my soap box, take a look at my goals. These goals are like a to-do list. Perfect. I prefer to check things off the list. Should something new arise, I'll tweak it. Goals don't always have to be monumental. Goals can be whatever you want them to be for you.

Dear world, the time is now to:

  1. Decide on a Halloween costume.
  2. Decorate a pumpkin.
  3. Binge watch horror movies.
  4. Eat more greens.
  5. Write more fulfilling content in my style of voice.
  6. Finish reading the 2 books at my bed side.
  7. Be selective with contacts and associates.
  8. Send out cold emails.
  9. Find the best Pho in town.
  10. Book a venue for our documentary premiere.

***BONUS GOAL: Run and meditate more!***

What are your goals for October?

Leave a comment with one of your goals for the month!XoXo Kitty