Flashback Friday


Day 9 of 31 fbf 

I look down and wonder where the time went...

...and I no longer have a baby bump?! I can't believe how fast time flies!Gavin is only 8 months old, but it still feels like we just left the hospital.perfection

Life hasn't been the same,

since you entered our lives. You brought us a love we didn't know we were missing.We love you, Baby G! Gavin's micro-fashion and gorgeous smile full of giggles reminds me why I'm devoted to writing. Life isn't perfect, but we must keep record of the good times and the things we overcome. With our little one, he has brought us together for all-around unconditional love. There is nothing better.

Gavin keeps our cups overflowing with love.

afw fam pic 

In a year, I've learned a deeper love.

Self-love. My maternal bond with my baby. A strong connection with my husband. Life gained new meaning and even more purpose. With more meaningful passion projects and a stronger sense of "why", Gavin has forever changed our lives for the best. It's been a wild ride, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.During the next time that you look back in time and reflect, I hope you will find a smile upon your face. Cherish who you love, be kind to yourself and enjoy what you do.

#redhotthoughts: Be grateful for family, life and love.

What's your favorite flashback Friday memory?

XoXo Kitty