4 Face Rollers for your Beauty Regimen

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You saw it in a Beauty Vlogger’s YouTube, and now you’re Google searching “Jade Face Roller” for the best deal.

…do these rollers even work? What are the benefits? What is your experience with them? Where does this concept come from in the first place?

I first came across crystals and stones from my late grandfather Pedro, who was born in the Philippines. He taught me about jade and its healing properties for circulation. We either wore a bracelet or a necklace as an accessory, but the smooth jade stones were for massaging along the body. I remember rolling it along my arm and not even knowing the purpose or why I should do it. He would just laugh.

Now, even though he was a board-certified doctor and pathologist in America, he kept his culture and shared his beliefs with me. Of course, as a child, I didn’t think much about massaging my face with a jade stone. I mean, why would I need to worry about the beauty conundrums we face today back then? I purchased some face rollers to cross reference one compared to the other. (* Note: I won the flat rose quartz face sculpting tool from a local giveaway.) Today, in reflection, I wonder if it will even help with puffiness or fluid drainage?

According to Dr. Mary Lupo in the Girlboss article on Jade face rollers, these rollers can help with drainage via massage. However, it doesn’t seem to help with product absorption or getting rid of those lines. It’s not a magic eraser, people! (Note: Jade or other cultural practices are NOT a substitute for seeking medical care and attention. Seek a medical professional! Also important: please respect indigenous people and sacred rituals.) What do you expect out of this kind of face roller?

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If it medically doesn’t improve much, then why do so many people swear by it? If it works for someone else, it may not work for you. I give products the benefit of the doubt and try it on my own. Even in Marie Claire, a doctor also thinks, “…to each her own.”

In my family, it was kind of taboo to talk about these things, since the majority of our family is Catholic. My Pop-Pop taught me to speak up, live vibrantly, and be myself. Energetically, this is also why he chose to share his spiritual side with us.

He even shared about the crystals we collected, and my mom continued these teachings with me. Some of his spiritual teachings: jade healing increases your harmony and abundance, as well as your overall well-being; and the rose quartz was about loving yourself for who you are and nurturing yourself into alignment.

It’s special to me to reflect on these things. I miss him very much, since he left us 15 years ago. The jade and rose quartz rollers may not be the cure-all beauty products that everyone hopes to buy, but it feels good and it’s familiar in practice for us.

It helps me, especially when I have sinus issues or allergies are full blown trying to pollinate within my face. (It can help cool me down or relieve pressure in my face, it isn’t the total solution. Not-so-fun fact: I seasonally have to still visit the doctor for swelling and congestion. Yay for allergies— not.)

Maybe you believe in healing properties or maybe you don’t and just like the way it feels. Either way, the choice is yours to partake in this beauty activity/ritual.

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I am white passing, so I’m aware that yes, there is cringeworthy white privilege when indigenous practices and/or sacred rituals become popular or trendy. I also don’t know everything about my grandfather’s culture, but what he did pass along, I’m grateful to have shared in the moment. The jade rollers come from the 17th century Chinese culture behind it, and as consumers, we should respect that and understand that this is not something new.

Also, be mindful you might be buying a plastic roller that claims to be a jade or rose quartz. Or your crystals might be from a mine that uses child labor or has harsh conditions for the workers, let alone the environment or nearby community. We have to do our part to be intentional with our actions and how those can impact others.

People might unnecessarily spend money on something thinking it will be the ultimate beauty tool to fix everything. However, if you’re using the face rollers, think about what you’re seeking and which roller matches best with those needs. See if one of the 4 I tried matches up with what you’d like. (I’ve linked the ones I could find on Amazon, if you’re inclined to try them out for yourself.)

Here are the 4 Face Rollers I Tested:

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Ice Roller

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Before the day begins, I shower, wash my face and follow up with a toner.

Afterwards, I pull the red roller from the freezer and get ready to freeze my face awake.

Take a peek where my roller outside of the holder actually sleeps most of the time!

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The Ice Roller is great for waking up your skin in a cool, refreshing way. It’s cold, soothing, and feels good. I tried to use it when applying a facial serum, but it felt like it went more onto the roller than my own face. I recommend using this roller to cool and massage across your face before applying any serums, oils, or creams. This is a facial roller I saw online and top beauty editors loving. I have seen tighter pores when using this one and less break outs, but as soon as I let stress in, there came the hellish breakouts. It’s worth the morning wake-up with a little shock in temperature, but I wouldn’t say it fixes all face issues. I would say that it helps calm me down and allows me to get centered for the day, so I don’t let stress mess with my peace.

Click HERE if you want to buy it and try the Ice Roller for yourself.

Double-Sided Rose Quartz Face + Eye Roller

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The top side is larger and meant to be used on the face. I like to first drop some of my Glossier Super Glow serum, which you can also find on my rep link: www.glossier.com/reps.nataliemerola. I like to roll the rose quartz roller across my face with this underneath, so I can evenly apply it across my face. I thread and dermaplane, since I like the way my serums, creams, and makeup apply on smooth skin. The larger part is nice and cool to the touch on the skin, and sometimes I don’t want to use my hands to apply serums. It feels like I use less product, since my hands don’t absorb it when I use this tool.

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Using the smaller end lightly under the eyes with some eye cream helps me remove puffiness. Again, this does help with circulation when you massage the face. I don’t usually have problems with dark circles or bags under my eyes. However, I love the way it feels to roll it under my eyes in an upward motion. It’s small enough to roller under and over the eyes. Yes, I do feel the self-love that it brings. I think it’s important to put time into yourself to feel good and have a moment to just be.

Click HERE to check out this rose quartz face and eye roller.

It’s not what you think it is, or is it? Let this 3D face roller contour and define across that jawline!

(No eggplant emojis need apply…)

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When I first came across this face roller, I thought I came across a sex toy. I wasn’t sure if I should click the Amazon results, but I bravely clicked ahead. What I found was this contouring face roller all its own. I wasn’t the only one who thought it looked like a vibrator of sorts. I shared it on my Instagram stories and my mom DMed me, “What is that?!” To clear the air, I had to share my findings. Since I didn’t know how to use it other than the obvious to ROLL ACROSS THE FACE, I searched online and found this helpful little tidbit from Elle Magazine:

“After applying your skincare, start from the chin and apply a little pressure as you roll the rotating massagers upwards to tone and iron away deep sleep-induced puffiness. After two weeks of using it religiously, we're certain our cheeks have moved a smidgen higher.”

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After this tip, I tried to roll it from the chin and along the jawline, and then followed up the cheeks towards the jawline. It really sucks you in and feels oddly satisfying. When I don’t use it, I can tell. It helps keep my fluids drained. Otherwise, I tend to get puffy along the jawline. I’m all for promoting circulating and drainage. Who knew? I’m learning something new everyday here. (Note: Again, I am NOT a doctor. Check with your physician if you have questions. These beauty tools are also not to replace your treatments or medical attention. Use at your own risk.)

Want to try out this 3D face roller? Click HERE!

Rose Quartz Sculptor Tool

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This face roller is a sculpting tool. It works similarly to the way the contouring 3D face roller works. I love how it takes away the tension and helps drain the lymphatic vessels. Especially when I apply this face and body oil from Olive + M, it glides seamlessly across my face. I like to pair these two together, since it is not only hydrating, but it also feels relaxing as a duo.

I won both of these from Cindy’s giveaway on her blog: www.cbeeglife.com. She’s also one of my favorite local beauty bloggers in Austin. (Hey, lady! Keep that green beauty alive!) Another beauty blogger with a great summer skincare regimen is Emely over at Lux and Pups: www.luxandpups.com. Women supporting women, especially with sharing those skincare tips! :)

Want your own rose quartz sculptor tool for your face? Click HERE.

Overall Favorite?

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If I had to choose one of those rollers over the other, I’d go with the rose quartz sculptor tool. While I love the 3D face roller suctioning as a strong second contender, it also ties with the independent Ice Roller. The double-sided rose quartz roller is great, but I think given the complexity and feeling from the others, it falls flat performance-wise. If I could pick two, then I might have to select the double-sided one, so I could depuff under my eyes with my eye cream. It feels so good!

I know it’s everyone else’s favorite, but it’s just okay for me. I use it regularly, but it’s more because I love the way it feels, like I’ve mentioned. The Rose quartz sculptor glides smoothly, contours, and feels refreshing. If I wanted to be more cost effective, I could just own this one and put it in the freezer and roll it across my face.

Which roller did you enjoy learning more about from here? Which roller do you use?

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