Dermaplaning to a Brighter, Fresh Faced You!


Dermaplaning is NOT the same as shaving. Debunk those myths, babes! If you’re seeking a new way to exfoliate your skin and have smoother, brighter skin without visiting a spa or salon, do yourself a favor and grab yourself this skincare must-have from Kerry Benjamin: Stacked Skincare’s Dermaplaning Tool. Peach fuzz: it can be embarrassing to talk about it, but everyone has it, whether you want to admit it or not. Some may have more than others, but not to worry! This hair is actually vellus hair, and that means that it will always grow back the same way it was growing before. It’s lightweight and not coarse at all.I’m sure you’ve all seen those popular eyebrow razors people decided to use on facial hair overall, but that doesn’t have a guard to clear your hair and skin the way that this product was designed for with your beautiful face in mind. (It isn’t possible to grow back a beard, so relax your face. If you’re wet shaving your face with a razor, I wouldn’t recommend that though. Ouch!) If you prefer to get rid of this peach fuzz, then this dermaplaning tool is a safe, affordable and effective tool for you.I got to chat with the founder and designer of Stacked Skincare, Kerry, and she helped me decide on a plan to clearer, happier skin. You can use this kit in tandem with a peel, but if you have acne, you might want to stick with peels before starting to venture into dermaplaning. For me personally, I have light colored hair, so it's pointless and expensive for me to wax. What's the easiest solution for me? This non-invasive tool is used on an angle and lightly along the face, so it gets rid of the outer dead layer of skin, which means it clears the skin of debris and gives it a chance to breathe. I previously had cystic acne, so at that time, I wouldn’t have been able to use the tool over it.Now that my skin has cleared up, I started using this safe tool and noticed a big difference in my daily applications of product. I not only apply a lot less makeup, but my skin now also absorbs my serums and moisturizers a lot better, too. It may look scary, but it's made my beauty routine a lot more effective. Dare to make a change and try something different!Head over to my Instagram to enter to win your own dermaplaning tool. Thanks for reading! :) XoXo Kitty This is a sponsored post. I received the dermaplaning tool, so I could provide my 100% ginger opinion and thoughts. The giveaway is in partnernership with Stacked Skincare.