Dapper Baby


In today's micro-fashion:


Dapper little Gavin Phoenix does it again!

I love to dress my little man in the most fashionable micro ways possible. He's a fan of hats and shoes (for now), so I'm taking advantage of decking him out in all of the wonderful clothes his tia, grandma and other family members have purchased. There are great ways to dress your baby like secondhand stores, gifts from family or browsing online. However, I know for some, it's easier to purchase from a store where you know the quality is there. (Gavin is my first and only child right now. I welcomed baby clothes with open arms. No discriminating! You'll need all the help you can get with a baby. Trust me :) )If you're looking to jazz up your little one's wardrobe, I know just the place.

Gymboree rules.

Let's just say their sales and bucks offers keep chic baby clothes at a great price. My sister showed me the ways. After raising two boys herself, I had an expert on my hands. I learned from the best.

NEVER buy baby clothes full price, when you can buy for future sizes during sales!

If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, Gymboree has just about everything to dress your baby in the cutest apparel. I love how excited Gavin gets when I dress him up. He's such a little model and poses when he sees the camera. How does he know?!

ALWAYS carry 2-3 outfits with you in your diaper bag!

You never know when a bad tummy ache will sour into the worst diaper nightmare, so be prepared. Babies get colder and hotter faster than we do, so I hope you packed a few different options. Gymboree had great deals on socks, blankets and hats, besides the dapper little gentlemen clothing. It's a great way to keep your baby safe, warm and looking extra sweet.

Did I just mention a diaper bag? :)

Need help putting together a fashionable diaper bag?

Comment and let me know what you want to learn.XoXo