A Day in the Life


Day 8 of 31I'm updating this late, but hang in there with me :). Normally, I'd take a Sunday and write all the content for the month. With the blogger challenge, it's a daily affair. "You think you know, but you have no idea." Let's get to it!

A Day in the Life...

Baby G comes first,gavinso while he's awake, I engage with him as much as possible.Whether that's reading, crawling and/or watching Sesame Street, you bet we are doing it together. It's like having a second childhood. It's great seeing the little smile on his face.Once he's napping, I can get housework done, write articles, edit photos and video, and possibly, get my own nap on at that time. The days vary, so on scheduled days, we have meetings and shoots. Other days are for editing and relaxing. It just depends, but we are adaptable.It's not easy raising a child on the go, but it's rewarding to be able to share your love with your baby. Showing your baby what you love to do and exposing baby to new things can be exciting!Learning and teaching never ends. It's great to always remember that.During the day, I branch out and take on passion projects.I love to freelance, since being your own boss can be the most liberating thing in the world.Well, my baby is my boss, because he wakes me up when he wants.Otherwise, it's all good. :)Yesterday, I was reading, writing and shooting. Today, I'm running errands and sending out emails. It's nice to enjoy certain days, but overall, it's pretty busy and nonstop 24/7. I love that each day has different needs and inspiring projects. Bring it on!If anyone out there is thinking of working from home or on your own terms, GO FOR IT!Say goodbye to a strict 9-5 :)

#redhotthoughts: The possibilities are endless. Create joy each day.

XoXo Kitty