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What a very Merry Christmas!

I know it isn't Christmas yet, but these gorgeous stitches showed up in the mail for yours truly. I wanted to order a Christmas gift for our home, and the creative genius/total babe behind 1-800-STITCHES, Chelsey, gave me the gift of glam. I now have my very own and first Ginger Me Glam artistry up in the building. (YAAAAASSSSS!) <3If you'd like to support Chelsey's small business and help keep the dream going (TRUST ME: You don't want to sleep on her art!!!), visit her site and receive unique personalization  in each and every stitch. It's time to call her on her cell phone and make it a 1-800-STITCHES wish come true.These badass stitches are almost sold out, but if you're a good little babe, you'll order before you have to wait ;)XoXo Kitty